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Local Economically Disadvantaged Enterprises (LEDE) Community Inclusion Policy 6400

Community Inclusion Policy 6400 encourages the use of Local Economically Disadvantaged Enterprises (LEDE) Vendors.

If you are currently utilizing Local Small Businesses for Goods and Services with a Purchase Order or Contract, Outreach Services would like to know the name of the businesses to encourage them to certify as a LEDE Vendor with Columbus City Schools to fulfill the Board of Education’s participation Goal that 20% to be spent with our local small business community.

A LEDE Vendor is a small for-profit business located in Franklin County, or 50% of its employees reside within Columbus City School District Boundaries, meet the definition of “small” as set by the US Small Business Administration, and are socially and/or economically disadvantaged.

Currently, there may be businesses the district is unaware of that could help strengthen the Board’s LEDE participation Goal.

Please list who you are currently using and what services they are providing to your Building, so Outreach Services can reach out to them to encourage them to certify into the program if they have not done so already.

Some examples are Promotional Items, After School Programming, Consulting Services, or any Goods or Services for which the district has issued a Purchase Order.

Please complete the form below. We appreciate your support.  You can also forward the list to Terri Wise, Outreach Services at Please respond no later than June 30.

  • Potential LEDE Vendors